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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White Elephant

Russ Rogers of Godz Poodlz has started a Facebook songwriting club called "White Elephant Music Club". Why anyone would want to use Facebook is beyond me, but I plan on reviewing the songs when they come out. From what I can tell it's a mix of Song Fu, Song Fight & Nur Ein. The challenges seem to be Song Fu like, it's going to have a panel of judges like Nur Ein & it's only a 1 round contest like Song Fight.

The first challenge of the club was just announced a couple hours ago.

The challenge is simple, write and record a song with a Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery theme.

The song must be at least 2 minutes long. It can be in any style with any instrumentation. But the song must have lyrics. Instrumentals will be posted as "shadow entries," people will get a chance to hear them with the other songs, but they won't be considered for the "Grand Prize."
Now it's a little more complex than the small section I quoted above. There's a number of ways to get 'bonus points', all of which include pimping the White Elephant Club & Skultar. Skultar is a Conan like character created by Mark Wheatley & M.J. Butler, and they are sponsoring the contest.

Nothing against Skultar, but I really hope people don't focus too much on the bonus points.

The deadline to turn in your song is September 20th, 11:59 PM, Pacific Time. The winner will be announced on September 30th, and for more details just visit the White Elephant Music Club.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention on Spintown!

    Yes, the overly-detailed rules for the Skultar Song Challenge are over on the facebook page. http://facebook.com/whiteelephantmusic

    I also wanted to thank you because many of the rules were literally copied and pasted from SpinTunes. Blatantly plagiarized!

    I started White Elephant in the hopes to give the creative energy of songwriters who had participated in Masters of Song Fu some outlet after it looked like Ken Plume would put that contest on an indefinite hiatus.

    SpinTunes came along and was very successful, so there hasn't been much going on at the facebook page other than commenting on other stuff. But I thought of tossing out this Skultar Song challenge during the break between SpinTunes 1 and SpinTunes 2.

    I'm very excited about the Skultar Song Challenge, in part because I think it's just a goofy and wonderful to get drawn into a comic book just so you can get killed. And since Skultar hasn't been published yet, anything the songwriters come up with won't be "wrong" or outside the story line. In fact, there is the possibility that the songs may influence the direction of the comic, actually help define the character!

    Yes, this challenge is definitely an attempt to promote "Skultar." But the idea was all mine. I had found Skultar on kickstarter.com, thought it was funny and thought the Premium of getting killed in the comic was genius. So, I wanted to find a creative way to promote "Skultar" and give some songwriter the chance to win this strange and wonderful prize.

    Anyway Travis, thanks for the continued interest and support you generate for independent music across the web. Thanks for paying attention to the White Elephant Skultar Song Challenge. Rock on.