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Friday, August 15, 2008

Twitter Theme Song

Couple things I need to mention before you get to the videos:
#1 I got a computer virus late last night while looking for a few new videos to post...laptop is now in the shop because apparently it was a nasty little virus and my antivirus & spyware software couldn't get rid of it. My posting may be slowed for a week or so, but I'll use my families PC when possible.
#2 I started a Twitter account! I've always said if there's a bandwagon save me a seat. I don't really see myself using it much, but I found a video in honor of the occasion.

The Food Cart Song - NYC
Rhett & Link sing another song while on their current road trip.

The Ninja Glare
Ryan & Sean of nigahiga on You Tube may be in the process of making a hollywood movie at the moment, but they still had time to make this music video.

Goodbye (Ysabella Brave Original)
Usually I don't care for her original songs a lot. However I liked this one...I'll still be looking forward to her next oldie cover though.

Next post will be Sunday at the earliest...take care.


  1. Oh by the way if you like awesome vids check out the, David Elsewhere videos