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Monday, October 24, 2011

Song Fight Review: His Last Few Days

The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "Ashes", and my favorite entry was from Steve Durand. Steve only lost by 5 votes, but that dropped him all the way down into a tie for 6th. The winners were The Midnight Society & DuToVa. I didn't care for either of those entries, but they tied for 1st.

A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round.

My favorites from the fight His Last Few Days are posted below.

Would Have Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Mind Map That - This song includes sections about mating in mid air...Billy had to love this song. Anyways...very creative & funny take on the challenge. Loved it.

bgm - Well I'm depressed now...but that's a good thing I guess considering the direction you took. Not something that has a ton of replay value for me. After all, I can only cut my wrists so many times.

AntBut - Very pretty music. Bit sleepy for my tastes...but it's going on my mp3 player anyways. Well done, but you might want to cut off the 15 seconds of dead air at the end.

King Arthur - Another clear & well told story. Flows nicely & the story of a rocker on the road was a great choice. Too many people went with the obvious take on this title. Congrats on buckin' the trend while still rockin'.

Torrentz - You need a better singer for the chorus. Overall, it was a solid entry, and much better than any other rap entry this time around. Oh, and use the lyrics forum. COME ON PEOPLE!

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

AG Beats, Viktor Walters, and Nate C - I was listening...and listening...and finally it dawned on me that this isn't just a long intro...and I skipped.

Anomaly Jonez - Needs a stronger hook...hell...needs a hook. I enjoyed the vocals, even though they are a bit distorted when they get loud. It's a good start, but still needs a little more love & attention.

Bad Boys At Bat Mitzvahs - Not bad, but it needs to breathe. It reminds me of being on a date with a hot chick that just won't shut the fuck up long enough for you to even say goodbye.

Berkeley Social Scene - Vocals...ouch. Liked the lyrics & the music was ok.

Billy And The Psychotics - Couldn't get into the lyrics, and generally had a hard time focusing on this one.

Daring Front - Liked the lyrics, but the music really kept me from getting into the song completely. Nice entry.

deetak - Nothing really bad to say here, so I'm going to nitpick. "His Last Few Days" is the title, and it bugs me it's not used completely in the lyrics.

Dejected Motives - Every vocal effect you used annoyed me. Way too long...but I'd probably say the same thing if it was only 10 seconds long.

Ebola-Cide - I was interested up until you changed your focus from Larry. I was looking forward to seeing where you were going to go with that.

EggNogAdam - Sometimes I just have nothing to say. It didn't move me from neutral.

The Flight And The Grand Design - Don't think I've heard an entry from you before. The guitars really sounded bad to me, but overall the song makes me hope you enter again.

hillbilly - Static...yay...but at least you sounded like a hillbilly. Oh, and 1 minute? Really?

Hostess Mostess - Didn't hate your voice, but overall I just sort of zoned out during this.

Jeffrey Davis - This is the problem with allowing anyone to enter.

Juliet's Happy Dagger - Liking this team more & more with each song they enter. I'll forgive you for the Ohio crack, but just this once. Needs a hook of some sort, but good entry.

King Ginger - There is only 1 king in song fight...you are not him. Seems like you tried to cram more words than you should have into some parts. Find a hook.

MC Who Izzy - Were you trying to hide in the mix?

The NATIONAL FRONTBOTTOM - Funny, but honestly for a song like this I'd like for you to include WHY Billy is such a cunt....aside from spilling a beer.

The Notorious F.A.P. - You were butt raped? Did you write this in hopes the rapist would hear it & you would have your sweet revenge?

Odoriferous Valley - When I saw the collaborators in this group I was excited, but I just never got into this. Can't point to anything I really disliked, just didn't like it.

Paco del Stinko - Enjoyed the vocal performance & the music. The Tick Tocking was catchy, but there were times I just didn't care for the lyrics. GREAT entry, just missed a vote.

Planets And Bubble Pipe Media - Not bad. I was into it through the first chorus, but started to get bored. Looking forward to your next entry though.

Sep - You can't be serious.

styop quoons - The lyrics were as uninspired as your vocals. Too long.

SYNFONYC - Did you write & record this minutes after receiving a concussion?

The Yyarrell Brothers Band - Didn't like the vocals. Lyrics didn't really grab me, but I think I'd have liked it with better vocals.

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