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Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is a strange update not only because someone wrote a song about me...but because it's about me killing & raping cats? So yeah...a work of fiction for sure, but kinda funny...in a very dark sorta way.

I play MineCraft on Zack Scott's server (you can watch his MineCraft videos @ ZackScottGames), and at some point I gained a reputation as a cat killer. The reaction of the fans was really amusing, so I never confirmed or denied it, and just kinda went with it.

ldshadowlady is one of the players on Zack's server, and she made a request to Oliver Parsons (who plays on her server) to write this song.

Just so everyone is perfectly clear...I don't rape cats & I don't endorse the raping of cats. HOWEVER...if you want to throw a bag of kittens into a river...who am I to say you shouldn't...

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