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Monday, October 17, 2011

Song Fight Review: You Are The Heartbeat Of This Office For Sure

The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "Circle Me", and my favorite entry was from Minty Handy. I didn't pick the winner this time, but they did come in 2nd. The winner was Scott Gesser who I had ranked 3rd. A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round.

My favorites from the fight You Are the Heartbeat of This Office For Sure are posted below.

Would Have Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Billy And The Psychotics - Music was catchy & I liked Denise's singing. Lyrics were ok, but again...has there been a zombie outbreak in the lyrics forum or something?

Missions To Proton - I like the vocals & personality that came through in the performance. Musically it was fine, and felt like a pep talk for dealing with all the douchebags you find in an office setting.

Caravan Ray - Funny, enjoyable music, and a cool ending. Nice work with a stupid title.

Steve Durand - The story was similar to the previous song, but I liked these lyrics a lot more. Musically it kinda bored me though, and that's why it's 1 place lower.

Manhattan Glutton - The music was amazing, and the vocals were fine. I didn't really care for some of the lyrics cause at times it seemed like something a 14 year old with a hard on would write during study hall.

heine - Sometimes the lyrics didn't flow to well, but overall it's a fun song. Sometimes I wish I could boom boom my way to the top.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

Juliet's Happy Dagger - The idea isn't bad, but I'm having a hard time picturing someone blowing up the workplace just cause they weren't noticed at work. I may struggle picturing it happening, but overall it was a good entry & I dug the music. You cheated a bit by not using the last 2 words of the title, but that's just a pet peeve of mine.

Berkeley Social Scene - Nothing stood out about this, and at times I could have used the lyrics in front of me.

Bubble Pipe Media And Viktor Walters - Someone with a frog in his throat...whispers...more frog... I'd rather kiss a frog than listen to this one.

chthXchthXchthX - I think someone forgot to tell you Song Fight is a songwriting contest. You don't literally have to beat your instruments to death.

EggNogAdam - Love the vocals, but you didn't overcome the stupid title & give us a story worth listening to.

MC Who Izzy And Kapitano - The music was the best part of this entry, but it bordered interesting & out of place a lot of the time.

Toshiro - It would be ruled a justifiable homicide if you were found beaten to death by some sort of musical instrument.

Trotsky And Marx - Too slow for my personal tastes. Just kinda depressed me.

The Yyarrell Brothers Band - Way to get me to care about the character...make him a douche driving drunk. Anyways...the music was pretty cool, and very catchy. No problem with the vocals, but the lyrics just didn't grab me. I look forward to your next entry.

Side Notes:
- The title was really stupid this time around. If you drop the last 2 words of the title it's still not great, but it's not as laughable as it currently is. Sometimes a strange title can be good, but the last 2 words just seem tacked on for no reason.

- Can we just delete the lyrics forum...or maybe just USE it?

- Overall...better fight than I expected. Well done.

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