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Monday, February 6, 2012

Song A Week

This blog post is WAY overdue. I’ve been neglecting a lot of the things I used to do online because of a bad internet connection & getting used to a new house & job. I still should have managed to post about this sooner, because Song A Week is a cool project.


Song A Week is a project run by Charlie McCarron. August through December, 2011 Charlie produced a new song every week. These songs were by friends or local Minnesota musicians. After producing 18 tracks he combined them into an album you can now download for FREE. Charlie has competed in SpinTunes on more than one occasion, and had other SpinTuners participate in Song A Week. Pat Boerner, Brittany Miller, Matt & Donna Schubbe all made an appearance during the project.

The music itself is great, but the way Charlie chronicled the process of this project on the main website was awesome. He used text, pictures & videos to give you all sorts of details that make you appreciate this project even more.

I’ve listened to every track, and everything is produced wonderfully. There were 6 songs that really stuck out to me as personal favorites. I’ll link to the blog entry for each of those songs below.

Plum Street by Paul Spring

This was my favorite song on the album. I enjoyed the lyrics & performance a lot. There’s a cool video that comes along with Charlie’s post for it & you should definitely check it out. One thing that I noticed was this bit of trivia from Charlie, “This week I recorded a guy who has won all nine battle of the bands he’s entered...” Ok Mr. Spring...I challenge you to enter the internets best songwriting competition (that’s SpinTunes). Let’s see if you’re as good as you seem to be.

Canard Digérateur by Matt And Donna
How can you not like a song about a man who is famous for making a pooping duck robot? The current SpinTunes champions have once again impressed me.

In Transit by Daniel Jenstad
I’ll be honest, I didn’t really care for the lyrics here. Everything else...is awesome. Not just good...but AWESOME.

Something To Say by Pat Boerner And Brittany Miller
This song shows why these to made it to the finals in SpinTunes 3. Cute as hell & catchy.

A Penny Around My Neck by Pete Eisenberg And Tom Holmes
Loved the vocals, and the story behind this song was pretty interesting.

Mountain Man by Alpenglow
More catchy & cute...and this one has a music video..

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