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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


An Unfair And One-Sided Review by Howie Kapow????

SpinTunes #4 Round 1

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(Normally people seem to put the disclaimers at the bottom, but this should probably go up top...and in bold. Howie's reviews do not reflect that of Spintown's, and have no influence over the contest whatsoever. The over the top reviews in Sammy's "NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT" series aren't meant to be 'constructive', and you should read the sub title. If you think he's picking on you...just listen the reviews he wrote for the others...he can be an equal opportunity ass. - Spin)


  1. The description of that rust people song actually sounded really awesome.

    also, I'm upset that you discovered my secret recording technique.

  2. Sammy, I didn't know that you were working on complete brain transplants or a mind control machine so you could take over the world, one reviewer at a time. Obviously, your nefarious machine works, because even though the body and face might have changed, EVERYthing in this review was you- your gestures, facial expressions, turns of phrase/insult- even your not-so-secret love of "beige" as a descriptor. So, when can I buy stock in the machine? Can I be a henchman, er, henchwoman? I'll make you gluten free cookies!
    Great reviews, Howie. Thank you for mine, it really made me feel better. JoAnn/Menage A Tune