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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Song Fight Review: In Time Of Crisis

The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "That's Enough", and my favorite entry was from bgm who finished in 2nd. The John Benjamin Band (who I ranked 3rd) ended up getting the win.

A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round.

I'm going to be really short on time for awhile. I'm in the process of moving, I have SpinTunes #4 to plan & other things going on taking up a lot of time. So in an effort to plow through this round quickly I will not be commenting on songs unless the lyrics have been posted in the Song Fight Lyric Archive.

My favorites from the fight In Time Of Crisis are posted below.

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Ross Durand - Great performance of a topical song. Creates a sense of urgency that drives the song nicely. Everyone else can go home now, Ross just kicked your ass.

Billy & The Psychotics - Great sound, love the guitar. Rocks harder than any other entry by far. Lyrically not for me.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

Jan Krueger - Lyrics didn't grab me & the music felt messy. At times sounds would just seem out of place.

Naked Philosophy - Performance wise it wasn't much to brag about, but the topic was a good choice. Seems like there's a new riot going on every day. Overall it was one of the better songs in a weak fight.

Monkey Touchers - The only people I respect less than you would be anyone who says anything remotely positive about your entries. I know your lyrics weren't posted, but what you entered has to be one of the worst tracks ever entered into this contest (that's not easy to do). So I had to point out how stupid your track was.

No Lyrics Posted:
Berkeley Social Scene - sonofsupercar - Life in Decibels - Micah Sommer - Monotone Destroyer - Ux Mpuzm - The Various Artists - hillbilly

Side Note:
This fight was one of the worst fights of 2011. Only a couple people came out swinging, and somebody should have warned the audience to protect their ears at all times.

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