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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Song Fight Review: That's Enough

The last fight I reviewed over at Song Fight was titled "The Last Afternoon Of A Woman He Only Thought He Knew", and my favorite entry was from Future Boy who finished in 5th. Mom&Data ended up getting the win, but I didn't really care for their entry.

A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round.

I'm going to be really short on time for awhile. I'm in the process of moving, I have SpinTunes #4 to plan & other things going on taking up a lot of time. So in an effort to plow through this round quickly I will not be commenting on songs unless the lyrics have been posted in the Song Fight Lyric Archive. I will still link to the songs I voted for, even if the lyrics weren't posted.

My favorites from the fight That's Enough are posted below.

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

bgm - Very sad song. Enjoyed the overall experience & thought the vocals were perfect for such a lonely song.

Semolina Pilchards - My favorite story of the fight. It's funny without being too silly. Musically it kinda bored me though, and at times the singer seemed bored.

The John Benjamin Band - Music was cool at times, but the first "Let's be together/Let's be interstellar" line jarred me a bit. The transitions weren't bad, but it's an unusual sound & I think I just wasn't ready for it. Lyrically it's not for me, but it's the most memorable song of the fight.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

Billy & The Psychotics - When it started...honestly I about did a facepalm for you. BUT, it didn't take long for me to hear that you actually came up with a nice sound. Musically it was fun & the vocals were great. Lyrically not for me.

Berkeley Social Scene - Too repetitive for me, and I didn't care for the bare bones story.

heine - Felt really long, and the performance was too robot like for me to get into it.

Paco del Stinko - Enjoyed the music throughout. I liked the angle you took, telling people to be more independent. Just didn't think the lyrics were as creative as your music.

Pigfarmer Jr - You made me hungry.

Ross Durand - The first half is something I'd expect off a children's CD. Raffie-ish. The 2nd half went in a different direction lyrically, and it tried to make the song more than I felt it should have been.

No Lyrics Posted:

Billy Oh! - Dejected Motives - GreaseMonkey - Guiterrorists - Hip Hop Anonymous - Klownhole - Life In Decibels - Manhattan Glutton - Mike Lamb (feat. Suckweasel) - Monkey Touchers - the pannacotta army - Ripping Hammer - ShotPounder

That's Enough (acoustic) by Manhattan Glutton

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