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Monday, December 5, 2011

Circle Of Titles 2

The Circle Of Titles is a project started by Jon Eric. Everyone who signs up makes up a title for a song that they want someone else to write a song for. When sign ups are over the titles are randomly given out to everyone & the songs are written. So everyone submits a title, and everyone writes a song. I decided to review this side fight much like I would a regular Song Fight round.

My Favorites:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Milo Dunderville - I'll Ruin This
Title suggested by DJ Ranger Den
Funky from the get go, and you never ruined the song. Will probably get more plays on my MP3 player than any other song in this side fight.

Jon Eric - Winter Clothes
Title suggested by Milo Dunderville
Bonus points for mentioning Cincinnati. This would have met the Masters Of Song Fu challenge of writing a non-holiday holiday song pretty well. Enjoyed it a lot, but you could have cut a little off the ending. Missed the title in the song.

King Arthur - Wisenheimer (my favorite title)
Title suggested by Bad Boys At Bat Mitzvahs
I'm glad you got this title, because you almost always come up with an interesting story. After a few listens I did think that maybe you shouldn't repeat the 1st verse again, but no real complaints here. Nice work.

The Real Sign - Melody Of Smoke
Title suggested by King Arthur
Great use of audio clips from the news. Music just seemed perfect for the lyrics. I'd like the vocals to be brought up just a little in places. Well done.

Jan Krueger - Somewhere I Don't Know
Title suggested by Paco del Stinko
I'm ashamed at how long it took for me to get this song. I was literally saying to myself, "I don't know what the fuck this is about." 2 seconds later I'm feeling like, "It's a me, Dumbass!" Well done sir....well done.

DJ Ranger Den - Shoot Through It
Title suggested by The Real Sign
I was going to say the music was great, but the topic was an odd fit. But with the topic you picked I can't picture what type of music would fit. I don't know why, but I thought of "Nightmare Before Christmas" while listening to this.

Schlimminy Cricket - Clinical Cynical
Title suggested by Jan Krueger
Really liked the idea you came up with for the title (still wished you would have used it). Definitely had a creepy hospital/factory feel to it.

(Head over to Circle Of Titles 2 to listen to these songs.)

Paco del Stinko - Another Day Another
Title suggested by Noah McLaughin
When I got to the bridge I felt like the rest of the song should have been more chill. The lyrics there were just more heavy & it's almost like the bridge belongs in another song. I didn't dislike the rest of song, but it didn't fit together all that well for me.

Noah McLaughlin - Bourbon & Boobs
Title suggested by Billy's Little Trip
This might be my favorite vocal performance that I've heard from you. Musically it held my interest, but I didn't get into the story since it left me with a number of questions. Was clearly inspired by the challenge, but I missed hearing it in the song.

Billy's Little Trip - At the Geothermal Plant
Title suggested by Jon Eric
This song was not completed, but if it ever is I'll include my thoughts here.

Bad Boys At Bat Mitzvahs - Trench-coat Warfare
Title suggested by Who Izzy
I'm usually not a fan of long spoken word sections, so this just wasn't up my alley at all.

MC Who Izzy - This Again
Title suggested by Irwin
sgkaf, asdf dg fweroh sfhts werkg srhjs rhfwtq gbnasfdg! Use the lyric archive.

Sockpuppet - Made From Corn
Title suggested by Mike Lamb
If it was funny...maybe I could listen to this. But it wasn’t' & I'm not a fan of the long spoken word stuff.

Suckweasel - Why Yes, I DO Have A Pistol In My Pocket, But That Does Not Necessarily Mean That I Am Still Not Pleased To See You (worst title of the bunch)
Title suggested by Caravan Ray
Let me start off by saying I know you got screwed with the title. The vocals weren't bad, they just felt like you were going through the motions though. Wasn't much feeling in it. Considering how stupid the title was I'm impressed that you included it ALMOST completely. Not bad.

Caravan Ray - Virgin Nancy
Title suggested by fluffy
Can't blame you for doubling this up with a Song Fight round, but since I've already reviewed that round there's no point in reviewing the song again.

Mike Lamb - The Bourgeois Orchestra
Title suggested by Shlimminy Cricket
Musically I enjoyed it, but never got into the lyrics. The ending was pretty sweet, you don't hear much of that in Song Fight.

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