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Friday, June 17, 2011

YouTube Treasure Hunt #25

I know it's been over a week since I posted on the home page. I kinda felt burned out after being an alternate judge in Nur Ein 6, while at the same time planning SpinTunes #3 (that's my songwriting competition). With Nur Ein over with, and most of SpinTunes planned out, hopefully I'll get back into my groove soon. Pimping the contest, getting special guest judges lined up for each round, and all the other little things just have me less than excited about blogging. Ok...so maybe playing MineCraft on Zack Scott's server is taking up some time as well... :p I should be in a new video today or Saturday.

If you don't know how these hunts work, you can find the RULES <-- here. In short, this is the one time of the month I REALLY go out of my way to find unknown talent on YouTube. I sift through the crap, to bring you folks with potential. Sometimes I end up subscribing the people I find & they get featured on the "Songs Of The Day" page on a regular basis.

Anyways...if you like any of these videos, please visit the individual channels to check out more. I'll probably post some of the ones that just missed the cut on the "Songs Of The Day" page over the next week or so.

Becoming by Kyan Kuatois (786 subs)

kyankuatois & @kyanmusic

Yesteryear by Teresa Zimmermann (2 subs)


To Get To You by Jared W. Gallamore (3 subs)


My Friend by Adam Martin (2,265 subs)

adammartintv & @adammartinmusic

You Make Me Feel Allright by Nicolas Beyer, Ludovic delaere & Frank Franowsky (515 subs)


Firefly by Mariah YJ & Jared Anderson (2,778 subs)

MariahYJ & @MariahYJ @JMHAnderson

Goodbye Sunshine by Shilo Andrews (4 subs)


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