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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 7 Review

If you want to download any of the songs I'm reviewing in this post, there's a link to the Nur Ein site in my sidebar. Check it out for free music. In this round the title was "Last Call", and the artists had no additional challenges.

If you didn't follow Nur Ein...shame on you. It's been a great contest, and the 2 finalist have really earned the right to compete for the title of Nur Ein champion in this final round. I've been the alternate judge for the entire contest. That means if a regular judge flakes, my scores & reviews are used in the place of the missing judge. So sometimes my scores were used in the contest, and sometimes they weren't. This is the only round I've known in advance that my scores will affect the outcome. So lets get to it...

The Worldly Self Assurance - I can't point to anything about this that I dislike or would change. At the same time I don't feel it's your best song of the contest. I think it's good, the music is fun, but I'm not really caring for the central character in this song. Don't know why.

Paco del Stinko - In this song I did care about the character & the story being told. However the vocals let this song down when it slows down in the middle. It's still a good song, but I'm now left with 2 good songs with a single flaw. Which will I vote for? In the spirit of Nur Ein...I'm not telling. :p

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