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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Nur Ein 14 Round 5 Reviews

Agony Sauce
A song that actually hits home with me a little atm.  You can’t tell a story backwards much clearer than this.  Unfortunately, for the first time your cumulative challenges mission kinda affected the song for me a little.  The sample you used threw me a bit because I couldn’t make out what was being said.  It still sounded nice….but it just annoys me when I can’t pick up lyrics.  Really enjoyed the end where you flipped the chorus around...embracing the backwardness of this challenge.

Berkeley Social Scene
I appreciate the picture you included with the lyrics.  I’m not up on my Greek mythology, so without that image I’d have been lost with this story.  Before I listened I went to wikipedia & got the gist of the Minotaur’s story, which helped.  There are times when the verses sound a little clunky lyrically, but they aren’t horrible.  I did really like the chorus & your delivery of it.  It held my interest musically, so I guess the one thing I’d like is for the lyrics to be smoothed out a little more.  For instance “terrible place”...”terrible face”... or places where you have to pause in the middle of a line so you can end it where you want to.

Grumpy Mike
Thanks for the “spoiler” at the end of your lyrics post.  I mean I’d have got most of it anyways, but I never even heard the term “Glorious Mysteries” before, so reading up on all the 5 points made this easier.  I think the idea & execution are fine.  I can’t say much negative about it.  At the moment this hasn’t created an earworm for me...the hook isn’t sticking…  I’m not a very religious person so the topic you picked isn’t for me, maybe that’s part of it.  But you did find a creative way to tell a touching story.  That’s about all I got sorry.

Max Bombast
Your vocals again just amaze me.  I didn’t know what an “oubliette” was until I Googled it. Is that common knowledge?  I could just be clueless, but that might throw some people off.  I liked the phrase “worms in the sky” a lot.  Yeah, don’t have any complaints other than that minor one I mentioned, I really liked this.  This is in the running for my top spot.

So the townsfolk freed a killer, turned him into a cyborg, and sent him to clean up the town from a bunch of corrupt fat cats?  If I interpreted that right….I love it. ;p  I’d like the vocals to be louder in the mix, and maybe they could be a bit more menacing?  I know it’s not told from the killers POV, but the story is dark enough I think it might have helped.

Rachael Layne
You’ve brought a wide range of sounds to this Nur Ein.  This is another one that I really like.  The story was simple & easy to follow even backwards.  The vocals were lovely at the end of the chorus.  My only minor complaint is that the music got a little too repetitive for me, but it was still interesting enough that it wasn’t a big deal.  This one has singability for me, and sticks in my brain.

Rain Watt
I like the chiptunes in this.  Unfortunately your story didn’t really pull me in at all, so it felt like the verses were there just to break up the choruses.  The chorus wasn’t bad, and was kinda catchy.  I’m not as confident with you moving on this round as I have been in the past rounds.

Vowl Sounds
Who says sequels are never better?  I really didn’t expect this to take such a dark turn, but I rather enjoyed it.  The vocals were clear as a bell for me until the very end.  Didn’t really care for the “Satanic messages” part of the track.  Really enjoyed the story though, and you probably had me hooked with it more so than anyone else this round.

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