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Saturday, August 4, 2012

SpinTunes #5 Round 3 Review

Since there are no guest judges this round, I had to make sure that my reviews were done on time & ranked.  And here they are.  I had some extra time this week, so I went back & reviewed the shadows from Round 2 as well.  They've been added to my review of that round.  I plan on going back & ranking the songs from round 1 as well.  Don't know if I'll get to that today though.  For anyone that wants to listen to the songs that I'm reviewing in this post, just click the image below.

Ross Durand featuring Bryanna Acosta - Apart
I like everything except the ending. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but I like my happy endings you sob. Great vocals from your friend Bryanna (I hope to hear from her again), and great job of telling a story...again... The only bad thing I can say is that Bryanna’s vocals made me wish yours were better...and I never have issues with your vocals.

RC - He’s Dead, Jim
Just as a song...this is my favorite song of the round. It’s pretty much a 1 sided conversation which I’ll knock it just a tiny bit for. Had our examples been better I’d probably knock it more. It’s a great song, I just wish I got more from Bones.

Edric Haleen featuring Kevin Savino-Riker - (Vows)
Well...I’m not surprised by anything, which is a disappointment considering the e-mail I got from Edric made me think I would be. I kinda figured that Edric & maybe a couple others would collab with other SpinTuners for this challenge. Getting Kevin was a GREAT choice, because their voices sound great together...just not surprising. Having a love song that could be sung by a straight or gay couple isn’t all that shocking either. It’s a great song, but as a straight guy who likes to sing along in the car...this is more than a little odd to sing along to. As great a job as Kevin did, I don’t think I’ll be singing along this time around.

Governing Dynamics featuring Rebecca Brickley - Dark Places
It’s about time that you 2 worked together, you’ve been talking about it forever. Was it worth the wait? I think so. Travis has improved his vocals a lot over the past couple years, and you 2 sound pretty good together. I don’t know how comfortable Rebecca is with this style. There are a few times where it seems like she’s wanting to hold onto a note longer than needed, and can’t do to the structure of the song. In her defense, she can hold a note & it’s a joy to hear her do so. It’s hard to say if you’ll make round 4...to me you’re right around the cut off mark.

Mariah Mercedes - Dear Jeremy
I’m glad to see that Luke decided to join in the fun. Unfortunately the only problem I had with this song was in part Luke. I think he did a great job in the parts where it’s simply spoken word. He performed those parts. But when he’s asked to sing, there is no performance value at all. The vocals are as clear as I’ve heard from Luke, but the singing sounds as if he’s reading them off a page for the first time. I think Luke can do this & do it well (based off the spoken word parts he DID do well), but I don’t like this take.

The Chocolate Chips - The True Way
You really seem to do your best to stretch yourself for each challenge & approach the contest with a great attitude each round. I’m just not sure I get what’s going on here. At some points the vocals get a little lost with whatever you filter you ran them through. There’s plenty of dialogue, but I’m not into the story. It’s too weird & not quite clear enough for my liking.

Felix Frost - Lyman Boone And The Moonshine Scoundrel
“This took 100% more focus to review than it did to write. I keep thinking I’m jumping between multiple songs, and never stay in 1 long enough to get into it. The transitions aren’t even very smooth, you’re just suddenly into something else. It’s not just musically all over the place either. Your lyrics are all over the place as well. It’s a shame that you couldn’t FOCUS on something smaller in scale because you do some interesting things musically & your voice is pleasant. I love me some 8-bit music...but more focus is needed.” - Spin (round 1 & 3 review for Felix Frost)

Menage a Tune - Poison, Or, All Of Hamlet In 4:04
I’ve never been able to read (or watch a film or stage version) of Hamlet all the way through. Puts me to sleep...every time. This really isn’t much different...although I made it to the end...multiple times. You hit the challenge right on. Unfortunately for you...this is about the worst topic you could have picked to hold my interest.

Dr. Lindyke - Mr. Nobody (Shadow)
You should have signed up. Based on what I’ve heard from your shadows so far...you would be my favorite to win going into the last round. I’ve only heard Williams voice once, and I had no idea the man could sing. I think you’ve used up all your allowance of going meta for a long time, but this was a lot of fun. I’d have ranked you #2 this time around.

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