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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Song Fight Review: Isle Dauphine

The last challenge over at Song Fight that I reviewed was titled "Bag Of Bones", and my favorite entry was from Young Stroke aka Young Muscle. Apparently hardly anyone agreed with me, cause Young Stroke got beat down by Jonathan Mann and Young Nick Krill who took the victory.

I'm a little behind with my Song Fight reviews, so expect another review in the near future. SpinTunes has been distracting me, but I plan on getting caught up with Song Fight.

Would Have Voted For: (had I not been distracted with SpinTunes & MineCraft)
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Thanks for the frisbee - The only thing I didn't like about this was the sweat & pheromone lines. Clean recording, good performance, fun light song...with 2 odd lines.

Manhattan Glutton - I can forgive you for not being a golf fan, cause this was the most rockin' infomercial/travel ad I've heard.

King Arthur - I can usually tell when a King Arthur song is starting, but until I heard your voice...I had no clue with this one. Not sure if I like the ?synth?, but as usual the story & performance won me over. I think I got used to the synth more than I liked it.

Daring Front - 80's feel...good thing. Enjoyed the vocals & this just felt groovy. Please use the lyric forum. Even though your lyrics were very clear, I tend to just groove to songs like this & often don't pay attention to the words if the lyrics aren't in front of me.

Abjure! - I have mixed feelings about this one. It goes meta really briefly at the start, and turns out to be a funny song about loving a mermaid. It was enjoyable, but I just heard a song about falling in love with a mermaid by Chris Cogott. I felt his, even though this was entertaining, trumped yours. Judge for yourself: Chris Cogott - Drag Me Down.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

Bad Boys at Bat Mitzvahs - I loved the guitar in this, and the performance was pretty good. A couple parts would benefit from some cleaning up, but overall it was pretty clear. "We'd move back to Richmond" is the line I had the most trouble picking up by ear. The lyrics are a bit to vague for me, but good entry.

Baker and LSares - The autotune got old quick. I think I heard a Marty McFly reference...that was cool...but didn't really care for much else.

Billy's Little Stinko - If I hadn't heard 7 or 8 other songs with a similar story in the past month, I might have voted for it. Kinda made me want to play Twisted Metal.

Hey it's Romer - It's bad enough you ruined a song for the contest, don't try to ruin a classic movie for me as well.

The Uncomfortable Project - I enjoyed this story a lot, and think the song has a lot of promise. Unfortunately it needs something to mix it up musically, cause it bored the shit out of me. The vocals even seemed to get more bored as the song went along. The short instrumental at the end didn't sound good at all.

WreckdoM - The chorus was more annoying than catchy. Needs work, but the verses were entertaining, and it reminds me of a cheesy YouTube music video. Hell, add another verse & make a video. Become the next Denny Blaze.

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