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Saturday, March 18, 2017

SpinTunes 12 Round 4 Reviews

Steve Stearns - Shiny And New
This one was the most catchy song of the round for me.  Very memorable & actually made me want to get up & dance.  Not sure how representative the instruments were to the characters, but it’s clear you met the challenge.  The 3rd verse didn’t sit with me lyrically as well as the first 2 did.  Just felt a little more awkward & didn’t flow as well.  Not enough to hurt you in my rankings though.

Ryan M. Brewer - Second Coming Semantics (Part And Parcel Bound)
Ok, performance wise...you’re the one setting the bar nearly every round.  This didn’t really have a strong hook to stick with you, so even though this is brilliant I’m not sure it’ll rank all that high.  In terms of challenge, you nailed it.  The instruments truly felt representative of the characters in the song.  My favorite part was by far God rapping.  Even though you did a great job with each character I’d really love your sister to lay down vocals for Mari.

Zoe Gray - The Coven
Ok, I’m assuming this was based off the movie “The Coven” (2015)?  If so I’m going to miss any references to that movie you might have made cause I haven’t seen it.  Overall I really liked the song.  Had a spooky feel while still managing to be catchy.  You included 3 characters, and it’s clear you attempted to represent them with a different instrument.  So you met the challenge in my mind….HOWEVER I didn’t really find how you used the instruments to be all that representative of the characters.  Seems more of something slapped on top just to make each verse sound a little different.

Brian Gray - Happy Me
Ok...this is my favorite song of the round...hands down.  It’s also at the bottom of my rankings as I don’t see how this meets the challenge.  If it was up to the judges this round, I’d have to vote to DQ you since this song isn’t about 3 different people.  You can argue it’s about 3 different “characters”, and even that’s a stretch, but the challenge didn’t say characters it said people.  As for the other part of the challenge, I think you did as well as Steve & Zoe with your instruments representing different personality traits.  This song is right up my alley.  Upbeat, clever lyrics, a little humor & catchy.  So I don’t like putting it last...but I have to.

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