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Saturday, February 4, 2017

SpinTunes 12 Round 1 Reviews

So for people who aren't familiar with me or my reviews here's what you should know. I know NOTHING about music...other than what I like & don't like. I'm not a musician so I can't give much technical feedback. I rank the songs mostly on just how much I enjoy them & want to listen to them again.

- Creative lyrics that tell a clear entertaining story.
- Upbeat songs.
- I like the funny.
- Needs to be fun to sing.

- Michigan
- Tom Brady
- Salads.

Over in the SpinTunes Facebook group this happened:

...and because of that...you get this...


Ryan M. Brwr - RCount, Rvng
Xtrmly uniqu in that it’s fls lik multipl songs mashd togthr...yt thy fit samlssly.  Som rally colorful dscriptiv lyrics as wll.  My only ral complaint is that th volum nds jackd up.  First tim around I undrstimatd this song, but by th 2nd listn, I knw it would b on of th ons I’m trying to fit somwhr around th top.

Kyln Downs - Do What You Do
Damn that’s som swt singin’ at th start.  Gts th listnr all sad & fling sorry for hr, and thn you chang it up with th chorus by bringing in just nough attitud so th listnr isn’t totally dprssd by th nd.  Vry swt, and ntrtaining song.  Normally anything this slow is fighting for position on th bottom of my list...but not this on.

Lucky Witch & Th Rightous Ghost - Spoilr
Thr lyrics wr th most imprssiv part of this ntry.  Th vocal prformanc was solid, but th music didn’t rally hold my intrst throughout.  Ndd to b a littl mor dynamic to com in just undr th 4 minut mark.  It’s a good song ovrall, but I think it’ll nd up middl of th pack on a prtty good album.

Govrning Dynamics - Concssions
What “Brokn Boy”?  Yah, that usd to b my favorit GD song.  Not only is th song hopful, rspctful, and full of dtrmination from th losing sid of things...it’s catchy.  Your vocals gt bttr vry yar, and if this is what thy’ll b lik from now on...you hav no waknsss anymor.

Dr. Lindyk - Doom's Day
Ok...I’m going to los nrd points, but I was nvr a big Fantastic Four fan.  I know just nough about thm to gt what th song is about, so that mans no nostalgia points from m.  Although th music is vry appropriat for th topic it dos gt a littl old.  This track rlis on th vocal prformanc & lyrics...lucky for you...you nail both.

Dric Haln - This Changs Vrything
DQ’d for all th rasons you alrady laid out in your song bio.  So with 36 othr songs to rviw...I’m moving on.

Kvin Savino-Rikr - Th Damn Braks
Lovd th guitar work & th lyrics.  “Th march of th masss ar known for causing arthquaks.”  That’s som good shit right thr.  I can s this bing right up in my top 5 if it was fully producd, but as is...it’ll b fighting for uppr middl probably in a tough round.  That’s a sham sinc this could asily hav bn on of if not my favorit song from you.

Hathr Zink - BFührr
Lyrically & vocally it’s solid. This will rank in th lowr half of my list for 2 rasons.  It’s a littl slow for my prsonal tasts, and it’s just not as flshd out musically as a lot of th tracks in th middl of th pack.  Good song though, and shows that onc you start producing mor...you’ll b scary to go up against.

Shyfox - Brdi
Nic bait & switch at th start.  In th first 12 sconds I startd to gt that fling in my stomach that tlls m to turn th station on th radio.  But honstly bfor th first chorus was ovr I was diggin’ it.  Hopful, uplifting, and vn though you can sing...I’d lik a littl mor in trms of prformanc from you throughout th song.  Towards th nd you had momnts, prformanc wis, that should hav bn thr throughout.  Nic work, I’ll not dismiss you arly again.

Domingo - Bulría d Prsuación
It’s always hard to judg a song in a languag you don’t spak.  I man you gav us th translatd lyrics, but you miss out on crtain prformanc lmnts that you would pick up on if you spok th languag.  That bing said, it soundd bautiful.  Following along with th translatd lyrics you clarly mt th challng with a vry uniqu story.  Bonus points for thinking outsid th box, but unfortunatly I can’t sing this at all. ;p

Stv Starns - Ovrthrown
Th ida for this song is just so off th wall that I’m surprisd I lik th actual song as much as I do.  You just xcutd this thing bautifully.  It’s funky, got a good hook, and fun to sing.  Way to kick down th door & say, “I’m hr!”

Zo Gray - Long Liv Th Qun
Vry crpy & goth fl to it.  This rally isn’t my styl of music, but by th nd of th song I was mouthing th chorus as I listnd.  If w vr put togthr a SpinTuns Hallown album this gos on it.  Can’t rally say much bad about this.  Production & prformanc wr both solid.  Not sur if it’s just th styl of th music or what, but asid from th chorus my mind did start to wandr a bit on rpat listns.

Brian Gray - Abrnathy Fitzgrald
Th music instantly mad m happy.  I lik bing happy.  Th lyrics wr clvr & funny.  Th prformanc was on th mark with plnty of prsonality.  I’m currntly dbating about putting this #1 or #2...if you don’t lik whr you land…’suck it’.

Jams Young - Vot For M!
I mntiond in my introduction that bonus points would probably b givn for not going with th obvious topics.  You wnt obvious, but I likd your xcution a lot.  Th “Vot for m!” lin throughout all th vrss was a grat ida, but I think variations in ach chorus would hav bn a good ida to hlp brak up th rptitivnss of th song ovrall.

Rob From Amrsfoort - Why
Nothing about this rally blw m away.  Th music was probably my favorit part of th song, but that’s mostly bcaus I didn’t find th lyrics vry crativ or fluid at all.  Th rhyms wr xtrmly simpl & thr wasn’t any 1 lin that stood out as mmorabl.  That’s whr I’d focus most of my nrgy nxt round.  You nd lyrics that will stick with a listnr.

Bryan Schumann - Royal Blood
I lik th songs structur.  I think it’s probably a good ida to hlp mak your song stand out in a batch of 34.  What’s going to mak it stand out vn mor though is that vocal prformanc. DAMN.  Just th right amount of growl in all th right placs.  No complaints about this on.  It’s not funny, nor is it as fast pacd as I normally lik, but this’ll b nar th top of my list.  Anothr contst noob throwing down th gauntlt...it’s going to b fun haring your nxt song.

Ross Durand - Homroom
This was on of th first idas that poppd in my had for this challng.  Grantd I didn’t throw in th lov story, but a studnt council vot ida was thr.  I think your vocals rally naild th crushd fling of a middl school studnt losing an lction.  Anyways, you’r on of th bst storytllrs in this community, and you showd it onc again.

Jrry Skids - Th Thical Ballad Of Mayor Goldi Wilson
I don’t know how much thy talkd about th mayor in th movis (it’s bn awhil sinc I watchd thm all) but I thought it was a grat ida.  A fictional prson popl vaguly rmmbr allows you lots of flxibility in story whil still hitting that nostalgia factor.  On thing you always do is put a lot of motion into your prformanc, in othr words you sll it.

Turtl Fnc - Mr. Brxit (or, Nobody Lovs U)
Musically thr’s nothing to hold onto hr.  Th whol “Row Row Row Your Boat” part is just mor annoying to m than ntrtaining.  Lyrics ar th most important thing to m normally, and this causs m not to b abl to undrstand thm without m bringing thm up on Bandcamp.  I’d say th high point was th vocals.

Mick Bordt - Dmocracy Inaction
Th music is crpy, and your prformanc matchd it.  It was just so damn slow & slpy that this has vry littl rplay valu for m prsonally.  It’s th complt opposit of th kind of music I tnd to lan towards.  I hav to admit though, I njoy th anticipation & wondring what you’ll do ach challng, bcaus it’s always diffrnt.

Army Dfns - Lctd
Intrsting tak on th challng focusing on th diffrnc btwn 2 gnrations.  Rockd hard, and it sms to mov up my list vrytim I listn.  Sticks with you & prtty mmorabl.

Mpror Gum - Lucifr
Most ntrtaining story of th round...hands down.  Wll writtn & probably your bst prformanc ovrall.  You may not hav had to sing, but thr was som prsonality on display which rally hlpd th story along.  This will b in my top 5 somwhr...

Mariah Mrcds - Lction Of Lov
Radio rady.  I rally didn’t think anything could match what I hard from Brian this round.  Your voic just mlts harts & th song is xtrmly catchy.  This song maks m think that in 10 yars I’ll b tlling popl, “You know I knw hr way back bfor th fam.”

Alx Forgr - Chang Th World (I Hop)
I lik how at th bginning th POV was from somon mor confidnt, but aftr th 1st chorus thr's a hint of doubt in th song.  I wish th song wnt vn furthr in this dirction as it progrssd.  To show how th offic & political systm can totally chang somon.  Ovrall it was an njoyabl song.  Th prformanc was solid, but with a lack of production it’s not going to mak it nar th top of my list on an album with a lot of quality comptition.

Caravan Ray - Party Gams
I don’t car if this was a sampl banjo.  It’s banjo...bonus points acquird.  Nic work of tlling th story whil adding a littl humor into th lyrics.  Njoyabl, but it dosn’t hav that mmorabl hook it nds.

Adam Sakllarids - A Bttr Plac To Liv
Fun ida & story, but th storytlling is whr I hav issus.  Th run on sntncs ar rathr annoying to sing & don’t rally flow wll at tims.  Rally taks away th rplay valu.  Musically it’s not up my ally to start with, but I did lik th outsid th box thinking with th song.

Jailhous Payback - How To Los A School Board Lction
Transitions. Whr did thy go?  This fls lik multipl songs cut/past togthr bcaus it litrally fls lik it nds a half dozn tims.  Th ral sham is th various parts sound grat, and th lack of transitions ruins th ability to gt into th song.

DJ Rangr Dn - My Fllow Mannabadoos
Th song starts off promising, but in th nd it falls short of raching its’ potntial.  Th looping is annoying no mattr what th rason for it is.  What is a “Mannabadoo”?

Boffo Yux Duds - Bully For You
This is probably on of my favorit BYD songs thus far, and you didn’t vn submit a finishd vrsion of it.  1 thing I didn’t car for was th spokn bit.  I’d rathr you just tll th story in song, and if you AR going to hav th spokn bit in thr...I’d put it at th start of th song.

Th Crack Fox - Rction
Whn you first signd up I was prtty sur you wr just trolling th contst whn I rad th bio & saw th profil imag you submittd.  I figurd it wouldn't hurt to lt you sign up vn if you wr trolling, I did howvr mak you chang your pictur to somthing mor appropriat.  Your song dosn’t rally prov my suspicions wrong.  Th judgs hav votd to DQ you for not having lyrics which IS rquird in SpinTuns.

Sumnr Wynn - Th Grat Wight
I saw th lngth of this track & instantly thought…”Wll that’s ambitious.”  About 3 minuts into th track I’m waiting for it to wrap up.  Couldn’t rally s th nd for ovr half of th track.  Th lvls on your vocals go up & down a lot & whn thy’r low thy can gt lost in th music.  Thr wr tims whn I likd th motion you put into th prformanc, but thr wr othr tims that it lackd compltly.

Ominous Rid - 19 Nvr Coms
Way to hold onto that tnsion throughout th song.  I oftn don’t njoy songs lik that bcaus I nd up fling mor strssd than rlaxd.  Didn’t rally happn with this on.  For th sak of th song I’d rathr not know th outcom in that last lin, but for th sak of mting th challng you kinda ndd to.  Vry wll don.

27 Tikis - Kahuna Of Th Corn Tropics
Anothr good topic that’s prtty saf from bing copid.  Not sur who dos what in this duo, but it’s probably my favorit song I’v hard Spncr b a part of in SpinTuns.  Nic work with th background noiss hlping st th mood.

Mgalodon - Dmocrat Pixi
Crtainly an intrsting guy to writ about.  What poppd into my mind a numbr of tims whil listning was th music didn’t sm suitd for th lyrics.  Not that I dislikd ithr, but thy didn’t blnd so wll togthr at tims.

Dr. Lindyk - A Tru Dmocracy (Shadow)
I mant to rviw this song, but was too distractd sarching for somon ls to tak ovr th contst for SpinTuns 13...

Dr. Lindyk with Chrry Pi & Spintown - It Happns To Vryon (Shadow)
Whil bing fun & silly it’s still a rathr imprssiv rhym fst.  Not vryon gos all out in gtting big nams to fatur on Shadows, but Dr. Lindyk wnt out & got 2 of th bst in thir filds.  It paid off in a big way caus this will surly go down as on of th biggst momnts in music history.

Andy Glovr - Ratings Ar Down (For Now) (Shadow)
This is a vry sad song.  Rally naild th fling of bing crushd right aftr th lction.  Towards th nd thr’s a littl hop in th lyrics, but that hop dosn’t com across in th prformanc.  Nic work, sham you didn’t sign up!


Mariah Mercedes - Election Of Love
Brian Gray - Abernathy Fitzgerald
Kyleen Downes - Do What You Do
Governing Dynamics - Concessions
Ominous Ride - 19 Never Comes
Bryan Schumann - Royal Blood
Emperor Gum - Lucifer
Ryan M. Brewer - ReCount, Revenge
Dr. Lindyke - Doom's Day
Steve Stearns - Overthrown
Jerry Skids - The Ethical Ballad Of Mayor Goldie Wilson
Army Defense - Elected
Shyfox - Berdie
James Young - Vote For Me!
Boffo Yux Dudes - Bully For You
27 Tikis - Kahuna Of The Corn Tropics
Domingo - Bulería de Persuación
Alex Forger - Change The World (I Hope)
Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Spoiler
Kevin Savino-Riker - The Damn Breaks
Caravan Ray - Party Games
Ross Durand - Homeroom
Zoe Gray - Long Live The Queen
Adam Sakellarides - A Better Place To Live
Megalodon - Democrat Pixie
Jailhouse Payback - How To Lose A School Board Election
Heather Zink - BeFührer
Sumner Wynn - The Great Weight
Mick Bordet - Democracy Inaction
Rob From Amersfoort - Why
Turtle Fence - Mr. Brexit (or, Nobody Loves EU)
DJ Ranger Den - My Fellow Mannabadoos
Edric Haleen - This Changes Everything
The Crack Fox - Erection

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