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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pain For Laughs 18

I recently discovered some other site started taking credit for my Pain For Laughs videos. They edited out the title & credits, then put their own tag on them throughout the video. I had avoided putting tags on my stuff because personally I hate watching something with tags blocking half the picture. It's not like I'm making money off these, but I guess it's time to start tagging my compilations. I just found out about this other site the other day, after someone reposted their version of Pain For Laughs 3 on Metacafe. It shot up to 13,000+ views in a couple days so it was high up on the list in the 18+ catagory.

Sorry that the video is a little choppy, but for some reason when I added the tag it turned out that way. The version without the tag on my PC runs very smooth in comparison. I'll try finding another program to use for tagging my stuff, but for now deal with choppy...

PS: These often get taken down due to the violence, so if the link isn't working let me know. Here's the same video, but hosted by Metacafe: Pain For Laughs 18

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