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Monday, December 10, 2007

What Pissed Me Off Today #5

The term "Hate Crime" really ticks me off. If someone attacks someone because of their race or sexuality they shouldn't be punished worse than if they did it for some other reason. If I was the family member of someone who was killed in a drug deal gone bad, I would be pissed off if the killer didn't get as long as someone who killed because of race. Murder is murder people, if you intend to murder someone it doesn't matter why. An eye for an eye, just sit everyone down in Old Sparky that murders someone.

Something else that has been bugging me is how people who attempt murder get less of a penalty than the ones who actually murder someone. Why are we being less harsh on people who are incompetent? They meant to murder somebody, they just failed. Eventually practice makes perfect, and they might actually do the job right next time. Don't give them a chance to try again, and introduced them to Old Sparky as well.

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