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Monday, December 3, 2007

What Pissed Me Off Today #4

You know how news programs have tickers on the bottom of the screen? Well have you ever watched one in the morning for some important news, just to have some stupid pop up advertisement obscure your view? To watch a freakin' ticker for 5 minutes, then have a pointless advertisement block your view of the news relevant to you is insanely maddening. Then you have to wait for the whole thing to loop back around. It's bad enough just to miss a sports score on ESPN when that happens, but when you're in a real hurry it's worse. For instance if you need to know if school is cancelled or on delay, and that happens the advertisers who paid for the pop up should be held accountable for the well being of your television set. Because if you're anything like me, that remote control will probably be sent flying in some random direction.

I used to get annoyed with the news ticker when it went to commercial right as whatever I was waiting on started across the screen. Now of course they've found a way to screw with you during the program. How hard would it be to actually start the ticker where you left off at when you come back from commercial? Most of the time you're left waiting for your news to loop back around, while you pray it doesn't get cut off by the next commercial. You would also think they would be able to make the pop ups avoid blocking the most important part of the screen as well. I can see why they would want to use the bottom portion of the screen most of the time. During the news, weather alerts, etc... they need to be smart enough to have them pop up somewhere else.

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