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Monday, November 12, 2007

Pain For Laughs: Part 1

A few months back decided to delete a bunch of crap from my labtop that I had collected over the years. Then I came across I ton of videos of car crashes, extreme sport wipe outs, people falling down, and doing stupid stuff. Before I deleted all these painful moments caught on film, I decided to make a pain compilation like the ones I've seen on the web in the past. However I soon realized I had so much that unless I wanted to make a 1 hour compilation, I would need to make about a dozen shorter ones. Then I figured I had enough to add themes to the shorter compilatons. Since I had already started on one compilation, I decided it would just have PAIN in gerenal as it's theme. Here it is just for you to watch....well besides the 48,720+ that have already watched it on You Tube.

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