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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nur Ein 12 Round 7 Reviews

Title: Get Out

All the songs from this round can be listened to & downloaded from HERE.


Glenn Case - Rockin’ videogamey solo.  Lyrically I had no issues with the song, but musically it did nothing for me.  The buzz grew annoying, and since it was there throughout I never got into it.  Performance wise you did a fine job, especially with the yelling.

Skub - Very different from your previous entries.  At first I thought it might be the type of song that would accompany one of my old Pain For Laughs videos.  But then it turned out to be an uplifting song about the aftermath of one of the people in one of those videos.  Very enjoyable all the way around.  My 1 complaint is you have some very loud inhales in various places that need to edited out.  Sometimes I let that go, but some are pretty loud.

73 Keep It Beautiful - Sent in a song, but forgot to post lyrics.

Merisan - Withdrew to go on their honeymoon.

Strangelove - Posted lyrics, but forgot to send in a song.


Conclusion:  Both the people I reviewed are very talented individuals who deserve to be in the finals.  In this particular case Puce wins hands down for ME.  Overall I was thrilled with the quality of songs everyone entered into Nur Ein 12, and I’m grateful to be allowed to judge you since I’m woefully unqualified.  So thank you Niveous for the invite.  Thank you competitors for the music I’ve added to my collection.  And another HUGE thank you to the other judges who did more of the heavy lifting in this contest.  I just kinda rode the coattails of the Song Fight vets.

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