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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SpinTunes #3 Round 4 Review

Well, this is it. The last review of SpinTunes #3. The contest has been over for a few days, and the winner has already been announced. (Results) All 4 of the finalist did at great job, but 1 stood out a little more than the rest to me.

Pat And Gweebol - In The DeVille
Strongest hook of the finalist by far. Loved the first & second verse, and how you're coming back to the childhood memories after the passage of time. It kinda left me wanting more story wise, but I don't know where you would have taken it from where you left off. Yeah, this is going to be stuck in my head awhile...

Ross Durand - Rusty
"Cause they don't make em like me anymore" might have been my favorite line this round, but for whatever reason the chorus didn't have much punch to it. The song does make me feel sorry for the car, which is good I guess, since you got me to care about it apparently. With your round 1 song I don't think I ranked it extremely high, but it's got more plays from me than any other song in this contest. It grew on me, and I hope this does, but right now it's not standing out from the other 3 entries.

Matt And Donna - Back Down The Road
The music & performance were fine for me. No issues. Lyrically I loved the first 4 lines, but then got lost until "And while you may like to think you're part of it all". From that point you grabbed my interest again, and held it for the remainder of the song.

Charlie McCarron - Skipping Stones
Until the last verse I was really wondering how the picture was worked into the song. I would have liked a stronger connection between the car & the relationship early on. You totally met the challenge, but I just think the story would have been held together more if that the connection was made at the beginning. In the end it was pleasant to listen to, but nothing really stood out that got stuck in my head. Meaning if I heard it on the radio I wouldn't change the station, but I'm not likely to search for a copy of it after hearing it.


Gold Lion - Some Things Weren't Built To Last
I think this could work, but when you go acapella it can be hard to hold someone's interest throughout a song. This is too repetitive to do that for me. Your voice is great, but you need more story or some music to keep it interesting the entire time.

Noah McLaughlin - Seeds To Sow
I liked the image "steel tombstone" put in my head, and the music was very relaxing & enjoyable. I was never really able to get into most of the lyrics though.

Dr. Lindyke - Photo Finish
I read the description on BandCamp, and thought it was an interesting idea. The song itself held my interest for the first half, but lyrically it just wasn't for me & I ended up having to force myself to pay attention to them. The highlight for me was Dave's singing, but I could have done without the 2nd vocal track.

Kevin Savino-Riker - Forgotten But Not Gone
Kevin told me this was going to be a "placeholder" track. Something he was going to work on later (after his orange song I assume), so I'll overlook the 1:19 running time. :p Since it's short & acapella there's not much to review. I like what little lyrics there are, but I can't really say anything else cause there's so little there.

Governing Dynamics - Flooded
I picture a black car keying itself to this song. (Kidding) Lyrically it's mostly not for me, but it set some cool mental pictures (for real). The whole "I lose" section was just awesome, and one of the more memorable things about this round. Great shadow.

JoAnn Abbott - Tempted
Impression after the first 10 seconds: 4:44 run time...acapella...this has no chance from the get go.

Impression after the first 2 verses: Sounds a lot more creepy than probably intended, or I'm just a sicko...likely a little of both.

Final Impression: Creepy, depressing, and only half a song at best.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Alien Octopus Trilogy
The first 2 parts LOOSELY fit together...but the 3rd...just comes out of nowhere. I'd have rather you stuck with part 2 until the conclusion. It was funny & had me interested, then just lost me completely. Loved the music throughout.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Car
Chorus is supposed to be catchy right? This is just something I totally don't get, and with that chorus I'm afraid there's not much I'm going to remember about this. Oh...and what's with the sudden end?

Boffo Yux Dudes - My First Car
Ok, this is my favorite shadow of the round. Was upbeat, funny, and something everyone can relate to. You really need to change "Then it didn't look too bad" line. Wasn't a great line to begin with, but you just told people it looked good even while sitting still. Get rid of that 1 terrible line...please.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Bayou Cadillac
The music surprisingly worked for me. At first I thought it was just going to be too much, but after repeat listens I rather enjoyed it. The story idea just didn't go over well with me, and I found myself not paying much attention to the lyrics after the first listen.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Cadillac Coupe DeVille
Bluesy music isn't really my thing. It made me picture an open mic with a bunch of hippies wearing sunglasses in a dark smokey room. So you got the feel down I guess...but again...not something I like.

Boffo Yux Dudes - (Lay Around The) Caddy
I like harmonica, but at times it was overpowering in this. Good shadow, but I just think it needs mixed again. I don't really understand why the production seems rushed when you only wrote 6 songs this round. It's not like you did anything crazy & did 7...

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