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Saturday, June 21, 2008

David Elsewhere Tribute Part 1

This weekend I'm giving you a major dose of Mr. David "Elsewhere" Bernal. He became an internet superstar after a video of his preformance at Kollaboration 2001 went viral. Since he has been in numerous commercials, appeared in movies & on TV. Numerous other videos can be found on You Tube as well. We'll start off with the video that made him an internet superstar, along with his other preformances at Kollaboration.

David Elsewhere - Kollaboration 2001

Dave Elsewhere - Kollaboration 2003

Dave Elsewhere - Kollaboration All Stars 2005

Here's a very interesting interview with David.

The rest of todays videos are commercials in which you'll find some of David's work:

Heineken Commercial

Pepsi Commercial

Slurpee Commercial

iPod Ad

Golf GTI Commercial

PUMA Commercial

Bits ads:

EXO TV Commercials:

I know that's a lot of video to go through, but there's still more to watch when Part 2 of my David Elsewhere Tribute is posted Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. these are awesome videos, I like that I can find these all at the same place which is great! I want to add some new ones to the list if you don't mind. David Elsewhere made some cool vids for the Motorokr phone where he's danicng around the city. You can find them on the Motorola site enjoy!