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Monday, September 13, 2010

About Spintown

Spintown used to be just 1 blog...but it has since been expanded into 5.

Home Page:
This is where I'll post reviews, Spintown originals, and other things that don't belong on the other 4 parts of the blog. Sometimes I might want to give something a little extra attention, and put it on the Home Page.

Songs Of The Day:
This is where I feature the musicians who just sit down & sing in front of their cameras (think Kina Grannis, David Choi or Meghan Tonjes). I also include VideoSongs (think Pomplamoose), and some videos with very minor editing.

Music Videos:
This page featured music videos of all kinds. Some are very low budget YouTube videos, while others are much more complex. They could be simple stop motion videos, lip syncs, parodies, etc... Either way 90% of the time it is stuff created for the internet, not MTV or VH1 material.

This is the least updated part of Spintown currently, but also my favorite. I just don't come across as much dance content as I would like. Sometimes the videos are silly, some feature professional dancers & sometimes I'll feature something that is choreographed movement...but not technically 'dance'.

SpinTunes is a song writing competition I started to fill the void left when "Masters Of Song Fu" came to an end. In short...myself & a panel of judges create 4 rounds of challenges for whoever wants to enter the contest. The judges eliminate people each round, and the winner of the last round is declared champion. All the music created for the contest is uploaded onto BandCamp. Anyone can listen or download the music for free.

Other Info:
Generally I search through YouTube, College Humor, Phun, Gorilla Mask & Twitter each week looking for things I find interesting. I also get material from other places, but those are the main sources. Just because something is popular online doesn't mean I'll feature it. The blog is called Spintown, and I'm Spin. So if I don't like it, it probably won't get linked to know matter how popular it is.

It's a goal of mine to create original material when I have time (which is rare). Thus far that has included 2 series: "Pain For Laughs" & "Spintown Interviews...". I also plan on having others make material for the site. For instance Brent Black AKA brentalfloss has made a couple videos for me. A number of people have collaborated with me so far, and I look forward to working with more.

For 4 years I never put an ad on a blog or video, but unfortunately I recently decided to advertise. I'm not happy about it, but with my current financial situation a chance to get even a little extra cash can't be passed up. It won't even cover 1/4 of my gas cost, but as I said every little bit helps. Everything on the Spintown BandCamp page will still be set for FREE download though.

Spintown will always keep a very simple layout, without a lot of fancy graphics or bells & whistles. Simple is better, but the format may change slightly over time as it already has during the past couple years. I have a vision for what I'd like to do here...but I don't have the money or know how (web design wise) to do so. I'll get there one day, for now I do the best I can.

If you would like to collaborate in making a video or writing a song for Spintown just drop me a line on YouTube or Twitter. With some projects I can pretty much promise it will be seen by 10's of thousands of people. If you're interested in getting a little online exposure that couldn't hurt. Other projects I have in mind could be hit or miss, but I would also listen to ideas that you might have.

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