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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

Michael Jackson helped make the Dancing Inmates famous, so it's no shock that they put together this tribute video.

Baby Daddy Song
Here's a Father's Day video that I missed.

Bar On A
Julia Nunes & Greg Holden team up in this video.

Here's the latest music video to be buffalaxed, and if you don't know what that means, just watch the video.

YouTrax Show 21
It's about time YouTrax featured someone with talent again. In this episode YouTrax features Erika David, and someone named Kevin Bazinet.

Eye Of The Tiger
Here's a piano cover of a classic.

This is a hot salsa routine.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Matthew Ball plays a Classic blues anthem before a private audience, televised live for local cable access. CLICK HERE FOR Cow Cow Blues

2. I like the fact that Gabe Bondoc has been mixing it up a little lately. CLICK HERE FOR 16 Bars About A Well Dressed Girl

3. Jess Delgado teams up with AJ Rafael in this video. CLICK HERE FOR Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

4. I didn't know that YouTuber 'Paperlilies' was in a band, but apparently they're called the Skullglasses? CLICK HERE FOR When We Were Invisible

5. The PS22 Chorus makes good music, but all the solo's always suck. CLICK HERE FOR Forever Young

6. Riley McIlwain got to meet my favorite band of all time because of his Guitar Hero skills. CLICK HERE FOR Guitar Hero!

7. It's been too long since I posted a hot chick dancing for her web cam. CLICK HERE FOR Web Cam Dance

8. People are always finding new ways to make music. CLICK HERE FOR Pulp Fiction In Kitchen

9. This video directed and produced by Stevie Ryan isn't new, and it features Chris Crocker....despite those 2 things I laughed at it. CLICK HERE FOR The Britney Song

10. I love the movie Enchanted, so that's why I had to link to this video. CLICK HERE FOR That's How You Know

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